When Precision Matters the Most ZEISS PRISMO Family

Over the last 25 years ZEISS PRISMO has become synonymous around the world for high-speed scanning and maximum accuracy in the measuring lab. PRISMO from ZEISS is a reference in precision measurement and follows the ISO quality standards entirely. An essential in a world where precision matters the most and compromises on accuracy are not acceptable.

A growing family A recognized reference

Besides the aspiration of not accepting compromises when it comes to precision, ZEISS PRISMO stands for accuracy, reliability, flexibility and long-term stability.

MPE-E0 from 0.9+L/350 μm
Specifications from 19°C to 21°C
13 sizes: From 7/9/5 to 16/42/10


Manufactured with the know-how from ZEISS PRISMO ultra, ZEISS PRISMO verity increases the accuracy of ZEISS PRISMO and has an extended temperature range.

MPE-E0 from 0.7+L/400 μm
Specifications from 19°C to 22°C
3 sizes: From 7/9/5 to 12/18/10


With the specification of 0.5 + L/500 μm ZEISS PRISMO ultra represents the most accurate machine of the ZEISS PRISMO family.

MPE-E0 from 0.5+L/500 μm
Specifications from 20°C to 22°C
7 sizes: From 7/10/5 to 16/30/10


ZEISS PRISMO fortis delivers reliable measurements in the toughest conditions, even at temperatures of up to 40°C. This enables measurements to be performed near the production line.

MPE-E0 from 0.9+L/350
Specifications from 18°C to 40°C
Sizes from 7/12/7 to 12/18/10

Maximum Speed and Agility for the ZEISS PRISMO Family

Performance Accelerators

ZEISS VAST Navigator Technology

Automatically configure the maximum measuring speed for scanning - with guaranteed accuracy.


With ZEISS CALYPSO VAST probing the time of the single point measuring can be reduced significantly with adequate accuracy, resulting in measurement time reduction of up to 25%.

ZEISS Articulating Stylus

The articulating stylus for ZEISS VAST gold is a brilliant complement for the ZEISS PRISMO family. With its continous variable angle positions it is ideal for measuring tasks where different stylus orientations are required by the application. ZEISS Articulating Stylus combines flexibility with the performance characteristics of ZEISS VAST gold.

ZEISS CALYPSO Pallet Optimizer

By changing the measurement strategy with a pallet system, from the traditional “one probe at a time” method to the “feature by feature, complete pallet at once” method, a significantly reduced measuring time is achieved, resulting in greater efficiency and cost savings.


With a measurement uncertainty as low as 0.9+L/350 μm, ZEISS PRISMO is the flagship of ZEISS coordinate measuring machines and a reference in precision measurement. Computer Aided Accuracy (CAA) corrects all dynamic influences on the machine to optimize precision even during high-speed scanning. ZEISS PRISMO is used when measurements with tolerances of one micrometer or less must be reliably taken.


Thanks to optimized air bearing integration, floating ZERODUR® scales and thermal bending corrections, ZEISS PRISMO fortis guarantees maximum precision at temperatures up to 40°C. For this reason, ZEISS PRISMO fortis can be integrated in a production area without an additional investment in a temperature-controlled measuring enclosure. And there is no loss of measuring volume even when using an automated loading system because the optional U-shaped granite table is at the same height as the loading system.


ZEISS PRISMO verity delivers results with an uncertainty as low as 0.7+L/400 μm by using ZERODUR® scales and advanced CAA correction. An air-conditioned room with temperatures maintained between 19° and 22°C is suitable for all measuring tasks. With improved form measurement values, ZEISS PRISMO verity is the best machine in its class.


With a length measurement error of only 0.5+L/500 micrometers, ZEISS PRISMO ultra further increases the accuracy of the ZEISS PRISMO. This precision is achieved by more precise scales, a modified air bearing connection, additional CAA corrections, air damping and stricter matching of all machine parts. ZEISS PRISMO ultra is ideal for tasks where maximum precision is required, such as in research, development, quality assurance and the calibration of gauges or test specimens.

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