The industry standard for 3D inspection and evaluation

Take your inspection tasks to a whole new level. From full-field data acquisition and mesh processing to trend analyses and digital assembly, ZEISS INSPECT supports you with a consistent workflow and user-centric operation. Templates and clever features ensure fast and precise results.

Highlights that inspire

Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing

Identify deviations quickly and easily

Use ZEISS INSPECT to analyze GD&T. The software takes care of the technical details in the background and incorporates the international standards. This is how GD&T inspection works in a simple way.

Analysis of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing in ZEISS INSPECT Optical 3D
Photorealistic rendering of part assemblies in ZEISS INSPECT Optical 3D
Photorealistic rendering

Evaluate under real conditions

Use ZEISS INSPECT to virtually assemble your parts and evaluate them in a realistic environment. Correct shadowing helps to detect inaccuracies.


Your results impressively visualized

Create your individual reports with images, tables, diagrams, texts, and graphics easily in ZEISS INSPECT. Also use the presentation mode or PDF export – even with videos.

From 2D drawings to report visualization with ZEISS INSPECT Optical 3D

Superior services and flexibility


No matter which optical measuring system you use: ZEISS INSPECT supports all common file formats for optical 3D metrology. This secures your investments.

Regular updates and further developments

Our clients are at the heart of our development work. All updates and further developments therefore help you directly in practice.

Worldwide support and service

No matter where, no matter when: Our support will assist you online or in person. Our comprehensive service gives you full access to the regular optimizations of your ZEISS INSPECT software.

Important functions of ZEISS INSPECT Optical 3D

Digital assembly of injection molding tool in ZEISS INSPECT Optical 3D

Digital assembly

Assemble your parts digitally – no matter where they were manufactured. This saves you valuable time in quality assurance and efficiently reduces scrap.

Color plot shows deviations on drill housing

Software-based motion compensation

During the measurement, the software tracks reference points positioned on the parts in order to compensate for any movements. This speeds up the measurement because fewer repetitions are required.

Color plot shows deviations on drill housing

Curve Inspection

With ZEISS you can use construction features for curves and visualize their properties. Measure edge curves, analyze radii and character lines or create spline curves.

What our customers say about ZEISS INSPECT

Head of Metrology in the Quality Assurance department at Hansgrohe
Philipp Alender Head of Metrology in the Quality Assurance department at Hansgrohe

We definitely prefer optical measurement technology for measurements during production. For the simple reason that this is much faster and we can react more quickly to changes in the part – for example, warpage or minor corrections. All individual parts are scanned and evaluated in ZEISS INSPECT

Get started now with ZEISS INSPECT Optical 3D

Find the perfect introduction to ZEISS INSPECT for optical 3D metrology. Whether a trial version, a live demonstration, or the direct purchase of the software – it’s up to you. If you decide to try out or purchase directly, simply download the ZEISS Quality Suite in which you then install ZEISS INSPECT.

Product demonstration

Experience ZEISS INSPECT live

Personal demo

In a live demonstration, you will experience the functions of ZEISS INSPECT that are relevant to you. Our experts will present a case specifically for your application – if you like, even with your individual part.

What you can expect:

  • Active parametric concept
  • Customizable functions
  • Automation with the virtual measuring room (VMR)
  • Work more efficiently with project templates
Trial version

Try out the software

14 days, free of charge in the ZEISS Quality Suite

Do you need a trial to help you decide? We offer you 14 days access to the full version. After the trial period expires, your license will automatically convert to the free basic version of the software.


  • 14 days free of charge
  • No cancellation necessary
  • Full access to all functions
  • Access to the free basic software after the end of the trial period
  • Accompanying training and services in the ZEISS Quality Suite

Do you know the ZEISS Quality Suite?

Benefit from our digital ecosystem:

  • Seamless workflows in one place
  • Services such as eLearnings, online help and the latest metrology news
  • Always up to date with updates