ZEISS AICell trace

A correlation-free inline measuring cell

The ZEISS AICell trace correlation-free in-line measuring cell enables real-time process monitoring of complex characteristics and ramp-up support of the car body production processes.

Your advantages:
  • Correlation-free
  • Reliable measuring results starting with the first part
  • Usage in the production area including temperature fluctuations
  • Robot-Independent accuracy
  • Measurement of both individual parts and complete car body inline
  • Higher system accuracy


Tracking cameras

The production floor cameras capture both the exact position of the robot as well as their own location.

Stability Modules

Fixed Floor Markers

Stability modules on the ground are fixed reference for the tracking system even with temperature fluctuations in the production environment.

Sensor Navigation Tool


The ZEISS AIMax cloud 3D sensor generates point clouds for the real-time analysis of complex geometric features in a fraction of a second. LED tags integrated into a carbon body form a fixed unit with the sensor. They are used to identify sensor's location and position

ZEISS AICell trace view 2


No correlation with the CMM required.
No removal of components and entire bodies from the production line is necessary. No time delays by moving the components to a different location.
More capacities for the the measuring room due to reduced correlation measurements.

Robot-Independent Accuracy

The ZEISS AICell trace turns the robot into a simple carrier. Benefit: Elimination of all mechanical drift and temperature impact of the robot from the measurement results. The system accuracy of the AICell trace is independent from robot's ability to accurately locate the measurement sensor.

Higher System Accuracy

Compared to conventional inline measuring systems without tracking technology, higher system accuracy can be achieved by using the ZEISS AICell trace. Benefit: Higher product quality due to higher system accuracy of in-line measurements. Prerequisite to reduce the number of serial measurements in the measuring room.

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