The articulating probe holder RDS is well-suied for measuring complex parts with different spatial directions

The basis for maximum flexibility

The best articulating probe holder in its class enables you to reach virtually all angles via numerous single positions.

20,736 possible angles

Get access to every part feature

The ZEISS RDS articulating probe holder is particularly well-suited for measuring complex parts, where features require many styli with different spatial directions. It reaches up to 20,736 positions in 2.5-degree increments – thus providing access to every part feature. This is made possible by the horizontally and perpendicularly arranged rotary axes with rotational ranges of plus/minus 180 degrees.


Optimize your process

Decrease calibration time

Furthermore, the RDS-CAA for touch-trigger and measuring sensors leads to shorter calibration times: only a few spatial angular positions require calibration. During programming, the RDS can be easily positioned using the joystick on the control panel to enable shorter programming times. Designs are available for machines in standard, compact and multisensor configurations.