Variety for Your Stylus System

Connection elements from ZEISS

Connection elements enable the construction of complex stylus systems. Our portfolio ranges from solid cubes, to angle pieces, to freely adjustable knuckle and rotary elements.

Connection elements

Constructing stylus systems

There are many ways of combining elements. Please observe the following:

As few connection points as possible

A stylus system should consist of as few connection elements as possible, since each interface can be solved. This can lead to a loss of stiffness. If you can combine several elements in one element, for example an extension and a cube, this is always preferable.

Fixed connections for serial measurements

For serial measurements, fixed connections, such as milled angle pieces, are to be preferred, since the angles do not change as a result of continuous operation.

Movable elements for maximum flexibility

Movable elements, such as knuckle elements, increase the flexibility of a stylus system. Any angle can be set repeatably. An integrated taper mount also allows rotational adjustment of solid angles. This maintains the flexibility of the stylus system.

Product highlights

Raw angles

From our raw angles, an angle piece or solid angle piece can be produced by simple machining. This is how you can make your angle pieces yourself.

Connection elements with cone adapter

Our M3 XXT connection elements are based on a cone adapter. Three internal threaded pins with Torx interfaces ensure high clamping forces. Even after multiple adjustments, the rotary elements can still be easily adjusted.

REACH CFX 3⁺ connections

With the REACH CFX 3⁺ connection elements you achieve a maximum stiffness of your stylus system. In addition, we offer completely adjusted components made of interchangeable extensions and rotary endpieces. Angle pieces, knuckle joints or star styli will be used optionally and be set to the required angle. We will fix the adjustment of the angle for you, for example by laser welding. This gives you a highly stable stylus system.

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