Perfectly Prepared for Your Measurement

Cleaning material and tools for metrology

Reliable measurement results require good preparation. ZEISS tools ensure optimum connection of the elements of your stylus system. For cleaning you are also perfectly prepared with us: Whether gloves or cleaning eraser for your styli sphere - in our shop you will find the right accessories.

Secure alignment of your styli systems

Tools and screws

To assemble your stylus systems you need different tools. We offer these either individually or as a toolkit. We also have screws for discs, cubes, stylus holders or cone receiver in range.

Screw Driver

Preventing incorrect measurement results

Accessories for cleaning

It isn't just visible dirt that can cause incorrect measurement results – fine dust and oil residue can, too. Cleaning the stylus tips, workpieces, guideways, and workpiece fixtures is extremely important. 

Cleaning Agent

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