Innovation Magazine 2021

Change is a constant factor in manufacturing today: geographic shifts, the ongoing transformation, new technologies and many others. Therefore, in 2021 we will introduce innovative solutions that enable flexibility to handle these changes, and that endure the test of time to enable our customers to stay ahead in their respective industries. 

We at ZEISS are ready for the change and we invite you, our customers, to connect to productivity in manufacturing, and discover our new flexible and future-proof solutions.

Product News & Customer Stories

User Report

“ZEISS”, the Choice by a Hidden Champion of Hydraulic Valve Block Industry

Wuxi Maytag Machinery Co. Ltd

User Report

Staying Competitive with Inline Quality Assurance

Schabmüller Automobiltechnik


Intelligent software solutions increase efficiency

User Report

High-Precision Work,
One Layer at a Time

MBFZ toolcraft GmbH

Product Highlight

ZEISS X-Ray Series

User Report

The Superlative in Measuring Technology

KWC Franke Water Systems

Product Highlight

Capture the world
form a different point of view

ZEISS Optical Series

Product Highlight

The next small thing

GOM Scan 1

Application Focus


Global Scanning Network

Product highlight


Product Highlight

Versatile, precise, compact


Product Highlight

When vision meets Decision

Trusted Surface Defect Detection

User Report

Substantiating Quality with ZEISS CONTURA

Karl Reim Werkzeugbau GmbH

User Report

Maximizing versatility and speed

Brenk Brothers Inc.

Product Highlights

One for all

GOM Inspect suite

Product Highlight

A faster way to the perfect injection molding tool


Customer Report

Establish quality standards
with standardized knowledge
across the globe


User Report

Gold for the Newcomers

Guandong Technical College

Product Highlight

Carbon fiber extensions

Small Part. Big Accuracy Impact.

Application Focus

Race of the future

Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler

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