ZEISS and arivis Workshop

From Image to Results without Compromises

Tuesday, 25 April 2023, 9:00-15:00 Lecture hall: Segerfalksalen, Lund BioMedical Center (BMC A/Reception)

We will present the most cutting-edge solutions from ZEISS

  • The ZEISS LSM 9 family with Airyscan 2 – a walk-through of an exciting new confocal experience and how it can benefit your research
  • Trust the Analysis: AI-driven image analysis for reliable results in less time.
  • Lund Bioimaging Center (LBIC) user stories that directly benefitted from the ZEISS arivis image analysis pipelines
  • A complete protocol from image to results: Organoid analysis and FIB-SEM volume electron microscopy AI-driven analysis
  • Get a new perspective on your sample with an immersive VR experience



Welcome and Introduction
Elke Hebisch, ZEISS Regional Sales Manager & Sebastian Wasserstrom, Associate Researcher, LBIC


A New Confocal Experience: The ZEISS LSM 9 Family
Maria Trulsson, ZEISS Application Specialist


From Acquisition to Results: The Streamlined ZEISS Software Portfolio
Molly McQuilken, arivis Business Development Manager


Coffee Break


Automated, Reproducible, Reliable Results Driven by AI
Molly McQuilken


LBIC user presentation: Glia-Immune-Interactions
Marios Kritsilis, PhD Candidate, EMV


LBIC user presentation:
3D Spatial Mapping of the Human Hematopaietic microenviroment in Normal and Diseased Bone Marrow

Sandro Bräunig, PhD Candidate, DMH


Sandwich Lunch
Lunch Prepared outside Segerfalksalen


Advanced Analysis and Visualization with arivis
Molly McQuilken


Automated Organoid Analysis: From Image to Results
Maria Trulsson & Molly McQuilken


FIB-SEM Volume Electron Microscopy: AI Image Analysis
Molly McQuilken


Q&A Session & Concluding Remarks

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