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In this area you get information about our customer service.

  • Online-Repair Form (fill in, print, send)
  • A little insight into the work of the Wetzlar-based repair specialists
  • Service points and contact partners worldwide


  • Service & Repair

    Repair Form

    To ensure that your product is returned to you as quickly and conveniently as possible, please follow the instructions:

    1. Fill in the following Repair Form

    2. Print the confirmation E-Mail

    3. Sign the repair form, enclose it with your product and send to:

    Carl Zeiss Sports Optics GmbH
    Customer Service
    Gloelstr. 3-5
    D-35576 Wetzlar


    Please fill in the following fields

    • Required personal information
      Please check the fields that most closely match the defect on your instrument. Use the "Additional notes" field at the end of the form if the selection does not list your requested repair.
    • Main constituent
    • Further Functionalities

    What happens, when i sent the product?

    We will then thoroughly examine your product. You will receive a cost estimate about the expected costs and can decide if we should do the work or not. We will inform you if the option exists to replace your product or offer you a new product with a surcharge. We will begin as soon as you tell us to do so.

    By the way: we often make minor repairs free of charge. In such cases, you will receive your serviced product instead of the cost estimate.

  • Behind the Scenes

    Behind the scenes: "Five days is our aim"

    ZEISS binoculars and spotting scopes stand for top quality and durability. Even so, products can sometimes be damaged by rough use.

    The Carl Zeiss Customer Service Centre is never busier than at the end of the autumn-winter season. From battered binoculars to silted-up focusing wheels or scratched lenses, we see just about everything.

    Once a product has found its way back to Wetzlar, it goes straight to the diagnostic station. Here it is carefully inspected and a decision is made as to what measures are necessary. If the repair costs less than € 200, work starts straightaway. If the repair is rather more expensive or total reconstruction is required you are first asked whether you agree to the estimated costs.


    Klaus Felgenhauer, Head of Customer Service in Wetzlar, is constantly working to cut repair times: “In the last five years we have completely restructured our customer service operations. While waiting times used to be considerably longer, today we get all repairs done in an average of six working days – depending on the complexity, age and type of product. This does not take delivery times into account. In 80 per cent of cases we are now even managing an average processing time of maximum five working days”.

    To find out what you can do to make sure that you get your product back in your hands as quickly as possible, please visit the Service & Repairs section.

  • Service Points

    Service contact

    Your dealer remains your partner – even after your purchase. We work very closely with our qualified authorized dealers who will provide optimal support with information and advice before your purchase, as well as aftercare for services, repairs and warranty claims. You are also free to contact us directly. Please use the following contact addresses.


    Products from Carl Zeiss / Hensoldt

    Naturally we are always happy to provide help and support. You can contact us as follows:

    Carl Zeiss Sports Optics GmbH
    Customer Service
    Gloelstr. 3-5
    D-35576 Wetzlar
    Phone: +49 6441 46761
    Fax: +49 6441 48369
    service .sportsoptics @zeiss .com

    Products from Carl Zeiss Jena

    For additional services and questions about binoculars made in Jena please contact:

    Optik Service Rathenau
    A. Schwolow
    Jahnstraße 27
    D-14712 Rathenau
    Phone: +49 3385 496 119
    Fax: +49 3385 496 120
    in fo @augenblick -mal .de
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