Transform measurement data into meaningful results ZEISS PiWeb

Reporting and Statistical Analysis Software


Now you do not have to be a software expert to create insightful reports: ZEISS PiWeb is a scalable reporting and statistical analysis software that helps you to transform measurement data into meaningful results.


  • Easy visualization of complex data sets
  • Intuitive navigation: Easily filter, sort and group measurement data
  • Standard and customizable reports
  • PiWeb cloud – professionally hosted quality data by ZEISS

Easily visualize your measurement data

Identify potential quality issues quickly with the help of numerous visualization tools: ZEISS PiWeb offers the integration of interactive CAD views, form plots, images and more in your reports.

Create reports in the most intuitive way

Generating reports with ZEISS PiWeb is as simple as it gets: Work intuitively via “drag & drop” and the software offers both standard and customizable templates for each end user (e.g. metrologists, production employees or management). Also, in order to get to your desired data quickly, ZEISS PiWeb is easy-to-use in terms of filtering, grouping and sorting data.
Achim Schmid, Quality Coordinator Metabo

Now all of our data is stored centrally. Moreover, the layouts of the ZEISS PiWeb reports are easier to use as compared to the previous solution, so we can see where the problems are more quickly. Our team sees immediately if [there] is an outlier or if there is a trend towards exceeded tolerances.

ZEISS PiWeb is compatible with most measuring devices and common data formats

ZEISS PiWeb is highly flexible: It not only supports data from ZEISS systems (like a CMM, CT, Microscope, optical device, etc.) but also other non-ZEISS systems and handheld measuring tools.

Reporting solutions for all industries

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Automotive (Car Body | Powertrain)
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Mold Industry | Machine Engineering

ZEISS PiWeb solutions

ZEISS PiWeb is scalable. It is available as a single workstation-, network- or cloud-solution. Therefore, ZEISS offers solutions for both small and large companies.

Single workstation solutions

Entry into professional reporting can be both easy and affordable: ZEISS PiWeb reporting and ZEISS PiWeb reporting plus are already integrated into well-known metrology application software like ZEISS CALYPSO or ZEISS CALIGO.

Network solutions

From collecting data from several measuring machines and other data sources, evaluating data from multiple departments or sites, ZEISS offers the network solutions ZEISS PiWeb sbs (small business solution) and ZEISS PiWeb enterprise.

Cloud solution

New to the market is ZEISS PiWeb cloud: A digital solution that moves data storage and the server application to the cloud which reduces required local IT resources. Also, you can flexibly scale the solution according to your specific application.

ZEISS PiWeb modules

Visualize, design and plan!

ZEISS PiWeb offers a range of modules for every specific task in your reporting process.

ZEISS PiWeb monitor

ZEISS PiWeb monitor is for data viewing purposes: It is the module to visualize reports, including point clouds, CAD-models or statistics. The module also allows you to interact with and record data (for example from manual gages).

ZEISS PiWeb designer

ZEISS PiWeb designer, as the name promises, lets you design reports and elements for your specific application: Create tables, custom forms, integrate CAD models and much more.

ZEISS PiWeb planner

For administrative purposes, this module lets you manage parts, nominal data, measurements, user access rights and privileges, server jobs and database configuration.

Latest release

ZEISS PiWeb 8.4: Explore all new features

The latest ZEISS PiWeb release provides numerous software improvements and new features that can be tailored to your needs:
  • New web application for report management
  • More features for interactive CAD elements
  • New tools for advanced filtering, grouping and sorting

Prepared for Audits Anytime: Quality Data Management with ZEISS PiWeb

6000 inspections per year - that's a lot of protocols due to regulatory requirements in medical technology industry. Find out how Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe manage their quality data with ZEISS PiWeb.

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Bosch Connects Measuring Lab with Production

ZEISS PiWeb transfers the measurement data to the production floor for steering nuts. This increases the transparency of the data and helps the machine operators optimize the production process. Especially because the software suggests correction values for process-relevant measurement characteristics.

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ZEISS PiWeb Facts


*in comparison to other software


Our software is versatile! ZEISS PiWeb enables the networking of measurement results in e-car production. Find out how ZEISS develops precision-fit quality solutions for the e-car industry.


Which ZEISS PiWeb solution comes with which modules?

Depending on your company’s need, there are several options:

  • ZEISS PiWeb reporting / plus: features of planner, designer and monitor are
    integrated in a homogenous solution (e.g. ZEISS CALYPSO )
  • ZEISS PiWeb sbs: 3x monitor,1x designer,1x planner, 1x sbs server
  • ZEISS PiWeb enterprise: software sold per module to fit individual need

Is it possible to incorporate manual data input workflows into ZEISS PiWeb?

Yes. Interfaces for manual measurement devices, upload of images / other documents during the measurement process, formatted data entry fields that require input and attribute characteristics are some examples of the tools available in ZEISS PiWeb to accommodate manual measurement workflows. These tools can be combined with other standard elements in ZEISS PiWeb such as CAD images and statistics to deliver a rich environment for the end user. A license of ZEISS PiWeb monitor is required for manual data entry and a license of ZEISS PiWeb designer is required for the creation of reports.

What infrastructure do I need to work with ZEISS PiWeb?

ZEISS PiWeb sbs and enterprise are network solutions. At the minimum a customer server (can be virtual) is required to host the ZEISS PiWeb server application and a database. With the enterprise solution, the ZEISS PiWeb server can be on a separate server as the database to better accommodate standard customer IT environments. ZEISS PiWeb modules are installed locally on PC’s. Minimum operating requirements can always be found in our manual.

How can I connect ZEISS PiWeb to other systems like SAP or create custom program extensions?

ZEISS PiWeb offers open API’s that can be programmed to interface with other systems. Data exchange, custom plots & elements, or variable extensions are some examples of API’s that we have made available in GitHub. API’s are free and don’t require a license to use. Programming for ZEISS PiWeb API’s can be either performed by the customer when there is experience /resources available or by our API team. In case you have further questions or would like to have a quote for your application please contact ZEISS PiWeb sales.

What happens when a connection to my database cannot be established?

Any network solution requires network stability, but in reality networks are sometimes not available. Since the ZEISS PiWeb modules run locally, information such as open reports can be edited and saved without a connection to help avoid work disruptions during in the case of network problems. Other functions are also integrated in our interfaces to retry upload or synchronization in the case that a network is not available.

What tools does ZEISS PiWeb offer for data security?

ZEISS PiWeb offers various tools to accommodate various customer data security requirements. In our ENTERPRISE solution, ZEISS PiWeb offers OIDC (Open ID Connect) to support two factor authentication, HTTPS communication and AD directory integration. ZEISS PiWeb is configurable to meet most security concerns.

In our ZEISS PiWeb cloud solution, communication is encrypted via HTTPS with the transport protocol MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Technology) with encryption TLS 567 or 443 (Transport Layer Security). As for the database, the Microsoft Azure Server is an industry standard that uses TDE (transparent data encryption) encryption.

Can I easily upgrade from ZEISS PiWeb sbs to enterprise?

An upgrade from SBS to ENTERPRISE is quite simple and can be done anytime. ZEISS PiWeb modules (planner, designer & monitor) only need a new license. For the enterprise server, a new license is needed as well as a database migration from the database integrated in ZEISS PiWeb sbs to a customer supplied MSSQL database. Tools are provided for a database migration, and a typical migration can be performed in a matter of hours.

What types of data can be imported with ZEISS PiWeb sbs and enterprise and are there licenses required?

With ZEISS PiWeb sbs and enterprise the module AUTO IMPORTER is included free of charge and does not require a license. This module can be either locally installed on the measurement device or on the network to upload files. This application runs as a service that automatically uploads files and supports the upload of various ASCII file formats. QDAS (DFQ /DFX), DMO, FARO, Metrolog and various .csv file formats can be imported with ZEISS PiWeb auto importer.

Does an interface need to be configured on each CMM that will be connected to ZEISS PiWeb?

For many of our customers the installation of ZEISS PiWeb is also the first time care is taken to standardize data in the company. During installation we typically focus on configuring one CMM to ensure the system meets customer expectations. After the first machine is configured we can easily copy and apply all configuration files to other machines in a matter of minutes.