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The right measuring equipment for the shopfloor.

ZEISS DuraMax eliminates the need for fixed gauges. Equipped with the VAST XXT scanning sensor from ZEISS, it can even be used to capture contours and freeform surfaces. A rough production environment? No match for ZEISS DuraMax. This system simply brushes off temperature fluctuations, dust, dirt and rough handling throughout the day.

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DuraMax Production measuring machine


Coordinate measuring technology for production

  • Temperature stability from +18ºC to +30ºC
  • No compressed air required
  • Space-saving design
  • Integrated passive damping system
  • Four-sided loading
  • Completely covered guideways

ZEISS VAST XXT scanning sensor

  • Scanning and single-point measuring
  • CNC-guided stylus change
  • 25 mm adapter plate for optimal reproducibility
  • Axial stylus length: 30 to 150 mm
  • Radial stylus length: 30 to 65 mm

Further components

  • Numerical control panel with two progressive joysticks
  • Stylus rack for CNC-guided stylus change


Shop Floor base

  • Dust and moisture protection as per IP54
  • Carrier arm for keyboard and monitor
  • Lockable storage space for a PC
  • Thermal shielding
  • Movable with lifting truck or forklift

Optional accessories

  • Automatic temperature reader with two workpiece sensors

DuraMax RT

With rotary table

  • Precision rotary table
  • Clamping equipment
  • RT axis reference sphere
  • Shop floor base
  • Automatic temperature reader with two workpiece sensors

GEAR option

For the measurement of straight or slanted-tooth spur gears, conically corrected gears, inner and outer gearing, beveloid and splines, pinions and ring gears, as well as worms and screw compressors.

BLADE option

For the efficient analysis of turbine blades.

DuraMax HTG

Deployable from +15ºC to +40ºC

  • Enhanced insulating panels
  • Extreme temperature stability
  • Increased temperature range from +15º C to +40º C


In the standard configuration (base, software and ­hardware), DuraMax HTG corresponds to the model with the Shop Floor base.


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