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Greater productivity due to fully automated contour and surface measurements

All Form & Surface products


Measuring cells in production should be easy to fit. The operator places the specimen in the machine, selects a photo for the part or scans an item code and presses a button to start the measurement. Now SURFCOM takes over with the ACCTee PRO software and the CNC modules. They allow the automation of measuring runs in SURFCOM and CONTOURECORD systems. The automation system is comprised of three modules: a positioning table in the Y direction, a horizontally arranged rotary table and a vertically arranged rotary table. All modules can be combined and can be operated with two or four-axis control depending on the requirements. Programming can be done conveniently by the teach-in learning mode using the ACCTee PRO measurement software. The CNC modules move the workpiece and the measuring elements to be measured to the touch probe. Operator intervention is reduced to starting the measuring run. Zeiss can project, simulate and produce the individual workpiece fixtures for a fully automatic SURFCOM measuring instrument for you. On request, the entire measuring instrument can be acquired as a turn-key solution including projection and programming.


  • Automatic contour and roughness measurements by CNC precision positioning systems
  • Appreciable time saving by fully automatic pallet measurements
  • Higher measurement throughput with measurement during production
  • Reduction of measurement costs
  • Easily upgradeable and adaptable
  • Enormous gain in productivity at affordable costs
  • No special instruments required
  • Conveniently programmable by teach-in using the ACCTee PRO measurement software.
  • We will gladly conceptualize the entire system including individual component fixtures and changing pallets.

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